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S Tuner Car BuilderEdit


A 3D Car Building Simulator in

> Japan!!!!!


Since Bluemanblues01 became bored looking for new car games to play, So he found the right Free to use tool for cars in fact he found 3 of them which has the same relations with each other, So he started trying this new free to use tool for cars, Once he learned everything about it, He felt experienced, And thats how he found a new free to use tool for cars to inspire him.


This Car Customizing Tool, was a Personal Use of Bluemanblues01.


S Tuner FactsEdit

  • This Web Tool is for Japanese Automotive Only.
  • FalconBuilder and CommoCinfiguator are related to S Tuner Car Builder since they were developed with the same tool features.
  • The S Tuner Car Builder has no Test Drive Option


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