Ricardo M. Jones is one of the three main protagonists in the series of The Land of Randomness along with Ron M. Ferguson and Rachel G. Johnson, and his username Imprzeza01 means the owner of this wikipedia.


Full name: Ricardo Meister JonesEdit

Age: 36

Ricardo M. Jones

A Bitstrip Version of Ricardo M. Jones


Hometown: California, Callahan City

Nationality: United States, Canada

Occupation: Undercover Police Agent

Talents and Abilites: Ice Elemental, Spider Ability, Acrobat, Parkour, Ninjitsu Kung Fu, Dancer, Singer, Voice Actor and Movie Actor

Fears: Disgusted Videos, Sneak Attacks, Ponies, Eternal Fall and 10,000 Scale Bombs

Also Called

  • Ric
  • RJ
  • RM Man
  • RM Jones
  • Ricmaster

Traits and Personality Ricardo can be a high - minded kind of guy when it comes to solving problems, thinking of plans and good advises, he sometimes get a little mad with the troubles coming from his friends and someone else,

  • he goes to the bathroom with Ron's Red PSP ver 9.90 every tuesday, wednesday and sunday every 8:10 PM.
  • He sometimes impersonates JV as a boss.
  • He occasionally drove Ronnie's Supra Veilslide.
  • He always play pranks on Ron,
  • He always been to any random places and dimensions


As a Protagonist he appears in all of the land of randomness series


  • The Name Ricardo Means Brave Ruler.
  • Ricardo and Ron were Best friends ever since July 6, 1973
  • His Car was build with a cybertronian prototype mark IV