Capture 12
Some attributes
First The Fastest Truck.
Second A Brother to Bluemax.
Third The Lightweight Truck
Other attributes
Fourth Rear Drive
Fifth Spoke a little Japanese.
 Redmax Acretruck Was just a trained truck to become a destruction MACHINE!!! taught by Bluemax Acretruck , Also a Friend to Baja Truck 4x4 From City Rider 3d/Circuit Rider 3d.



  • Redmax is based on a 2005 Mitsubishi L500/Triton
  • Redmax wishes he can visit his friend Baja Truck 4x4 someday.
  • During The Gameplay of Offroader V4 The Player Can See A Gray Box on Redmax's Tub.
  • Redmax has a them song about himself its called Moves Like Jagger Eos Dubstep Remix.
Moves Like Jagger Dubstep Remix04:28

Moves Like Jagger Dubstep Remix

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