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In TLOR The Legend of The Lost MK1 Racer/TLOR1 The Supido ressembles the Body Datsun 510 but the engine box is also the Nissan C110 and the Plymouth Hemi Cuda Headlights are completely identified between the Nissan C110 and the Plymouth Hemi Cuda.



The Datsun Supido has V6 Engine in 3 TLOR Series TLOR The Legend of the Lost MK1 Racer , TLOR Universe Battle and TLOR Tokyo Drift Showdown, However the car was also used in TLOR Shorts 5 Crash Pit, Later in TLOR 2085 The Lost of the Future The Supido was now equiped with a V8 Engine in the later series, Its Top Speed Ressembles the 1975 - 1981 Volkswagen Polo,The Acceleration of The 2007 Chevrolet Camaro SS and its handling and horsepower as the -1973 Nissan S30 1970 -1973 Nissan S30 Creating an average sports alike to the 1964 - 1989 Porsche Carrera (Classic).


TLOR The Legend of the Lost MK1 RacerEdit

  • Can be seen during the chase scene as a cameo
  • Outside near the Workshop
  • Normally seen driving around Downtown Callahan

TLOR 2085 The lost of the FutureEdit

  • Seen and used as a getaway car.

TLOR Tokyo Drift ShowdownEdit

  • Seen in a Drift race owned by an Al Opponent


  • Supido means Speed in Jappanese.
  • The Supido was Built 1984 and Ended in 1992.
  • The Car was used as a decoy from TLOR Drift Showdown for Stalling The Two remaining Gurads on the train.
  • The name Blacksun renamed Datsun, Also Blacksun the name was simply describing the Black sun