Beta Vehicles are vehicles that can be seen in pre-release screenshots, videos, or other promotional materials for the game, but do not appear in the final version of the game. This category can also be placed upon vehicles that are found in the game's internal files, but are not set to spawn anywhere and are otherwise unobtainable unless the player uses mods or hacks. There are several types of beta vehicles, mainly: Deleted, Spawnable, Beta Names and Beta Models. Deleted vehicles never appear in the final game while other beta vehicles are hidden in the games' files and can be obtained though modding. They don't appear or spawn on the streets. Others have been renamed or remodeled to fit in the final version of the game. Also, some cars looked more like the real cars on which they are based on compared to the final versions which may have been removed or changed to avoid copyright issues.===TLR The Legend of The MK1 Racer=== Datsun 510 /Player

The Datsun 510 was removed because its class was too low for the game, It was meant to appear in TLR TLTMK1R due to its low detail and geometry, it was now reworked and renamed Datsun Supido along with its couterpart Datsun Supido S in TLR BFTU The Game