2000 - 2007 First Generation Edit


Design (1st Gen)Edit

The 1992 Accelerazione Alleanza  appeared as an s tuner 3d universe and with an average geometry or barley a realistic lightning and shadeness just like all the other vehicles in this type of 3d universe, this car is based on a 2000 Nissan 300SX Z32 With a hint of a Lamborghini front bar moulding, a tubbed hatch roof, pillars and window glasses, also this body kit was a pre made design of a builder's choice.

Engine Assembly (1st Gen)Edit

The Alleanza's Engine is based on a V8 Block, VH LLS Intake Manifold and High Mount Turbo Exhaust Manifold then installed with a centi supercharger.

List of AppearancesEdit

  1. The Getaway (Comic Series) 1994
  2. S Tuner Racing (2D Universe) 2001
  3. S Tuner the Special 1 (3D Comic Series) 2005