Season 1 Episode 1Edit

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A Day in the Life of Ricardo is the first episode of the first season


One morning Ricardo left Ron's house after helipng him by finding is right foot sock as Ricardo was about to go home he was bored after a second he stopped so he thought of something that he can do so he planned to have a junk race with Ron so he ran back to Ron's house if he can join him but after he came in and the living room he realized it was covered in green slime plus a crater making a fountain with slime also some glass shard are on the floor, So Ron has to stay home and clean up because his parents gave him the restraining order from his uncle in-law so Ricardo decided to wait, After waiting 15 minutes for Ron finish cleaning the house Ron was all set to join with Ricardo but they did'nt realize that the slime is actually coming from the slime monster hiding under the porch.