Ford/Shelby Mustang V6
The Race Version of the Mustang in Desert Motions
Some attributes
First HP 15000
Second TQ 7000
Third RPM 10000
Other attributes
Fourth Acceleration: Slightly Fast
Fifth Handling: Slightly Loose
Sixth Aerodynamics: Average
The 2005 Ford/Shelby Mustang V6 Appeared as a Muscle/Pony Car in the Second Animation of Bluemotions Bluemination but a 2005 - 2009 Mustang Model Itself, Meanwhile in the Tenth Animation it appeared now as a 2010 -2014 Mustang Model.


It features a Racing Body Kit similar to the Need For Speed Carbon and Most Wanted game series, It also has a pre made Rim Design could be made by anyone, The Car has a lack of paintjob due to the design of it and has a front mirror attatch to the headlights probably some 3d glitch.


The Performance Detail can be seen at the top of the page on the infobox of it.

HP/Horsepower: 15,000 HP

TQ/Torque: 7,000 TQ

RPM/Revolution per Hour: 10000 RPM



  • The Ford Mustang has a V6 Engine since it was named Ford Mustang V6.
  • The name Mustang was named after a free roaming horse in north america.
  • The Mustang's Speed is about nearly as fast as the Bugatti Veyron.